Surf Trip Across Vietnam | Ke Ga 5

Sunny morning as usual, pleasant sea breeze. Waves are waist to chest high with no power and strong currents onshore. Not good waves.

Japanese surfer checking out the waves at Ke Ga Beach

Ke Ga beach with a long stretch of embankment. Wave checks can be done from the high ground, so you can see well. There is not a single surfer at Ke Ga. I guess it is because of the timing of the season.

Time-limited household general goods shop in Ke Ga commercial street

A general store that operates out of a truck. They make their presence known with loud speakers in the morning to liven up the village. In Vietnam, karaoke and music are often played in public places, and the sound can be heard day and night. Since coming to Vietnam, the value of quiet space has become very high.

Vietnam fruits, pomelo

A grapefruit-like fruit with thick peel. Probably pomelo or some sort.

Vietnamese fruit, halved jackfruit

Jackfruit sold on the street. At one time, I was very into this fruit.

Freshly laid eggs on the back of an egg store truck

A truckload of eggs. Delicious.

Morning coffee and Sayama

Tomorrow is the last day for this coffee. We will enjoy it to the fullest.

Heart symbol moulded into concrete embankment

Heart symbol engraved on the embankment.

Two large shells

There are many large seashells lying around here where we came to check the waves. No waves.

Beach with rocks that has the appearance of lava rock

Lava-like black rock terrain.

Powerless small wave collapsing in a rightward direction

A place where right waves might break if there is size. But conditions will rarely be right.

Sayama climbs onto the rocks and looks out over the beach

Gathering new surf spot information from the rocks. How accurate can you predict the waves when there is no actual swell in the water?

Two buffaloes, one pregnant

Cow on the left seems to be pregnant.

Vietnamese loading a large number of mattresses onto a motorbike

Mobile futon shop. This service would be helpful in this village, where most households do not have a car. Although this package size may be dangerous to carry on the back of a motorbike.

Stir-fried vegetables and spicy stewed fish

This is my last meal in this restaurant. We ordered the same food as before. This restaurant is a bit expensive, but it was delicious and we had most of our lunches here. If it wasn’t for this restaurant, I wouldn’t have been able to stay in Ke Ga for a week.

Vietnam orange juice

This orange juice is also the last of its kind. On surf trips in rural villages, the memories of food, drink, waves and people are strong. It is not so much about just the spectacular scenery and so on. Once you’ve seen a spectacular view, it’s enough. Rather than wanting to see the scenery again, wanting to ride the waves again, wondering how the owner of the inn is, wanting to drink that strong coffee, etc. all remain in the memory and become reasons for revisiting. In other words, the probability of revisiting a place where the waves, people and food are bad is low.

Meadows spread out

Well-positioned areas with plains of flat land.

The sun setting between the clouds

Tomorrow is the day we leave Ke Ga and move to Phan Thiet. We hope for good waves and food.

(Surf trip record: Ke Ga, Binh Thuan Province, Vietnam – August 2019)

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