January 16th, 2017 | Wave Information (Da Nang, Vietnam)

Today’s wave. Japanese surfer living in Da Nang, Mr. J !

Today’s wave

Today’s wave

Da Nang’s monthly bazaar

Packed with local youths

SUSHI - different from Japanese taste

Large selection of clothes, shoes, cosmetics and sundries. Mostly low-priced or mediocre quality goods.

It is common to see food while working.

Japan once upon a time? Gold and red colours are popular in Vietnam.

Da Nang Bazaar

Intricately carved wooden chairs and tables are one of the three sacred treasures of Vietnam. The other two are iPhones and motorbikes, perhaps?

Mobile stalls built from a modified motorbike. Popcorn and cotton candy.

Enjoying photoshoot in outfits available for rent

Business is tough in Da Nang if prices are perceived as too high. Rivals include smartphone games and cafés.

Apparently, for most Vietnamese, this place is expensive. They are discouraged from playing in unpopular places in the first place. I don’t think it will ever win over mobile games in the future.

No one in the rink. There is a clear distinction when a place is popular or not on the first place.

Unpopular amusement centres. This is what happens when pricing goes wrong.

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