January 3rd, 2017 | Wave Information (Da Nang, Vietnam)

7 AM
Front of Lion Sea Hotel to Holiday Beach Hotel
Shoulder high waves, slightly strong onshore waves
24 degrees, warm
Cloudy and sunny

Front of Holiday Beach Hotel – shoulder high waves with onshore wind

Front of Holiday Beach Hotel – bad terrain

Front of Muong Thanh Hotel – shoulder to head high waves

1 PM
Main Point (surf spot located in front of Holiday Beach Club)
Chest high waves, slightly strong onshore winds
24 degrees, warm and sunny

Looking north from the main point. Beach erosion there has left the beach with lesser sand.

Front of TMS Hotel – the man on the right shows that there are steps on the beach.

The main point. The current in front is strongly dragging to the right (south) and intersects with the current heading out to sea.

Main spot

The Front surf spot. The sand has been reduced and a slope has been created past the playground.

Front of Adamo Beach

Front of Adamo Beach – the terrain here is not very deep.

Front of Holiday Beach Club. The sand has been swept away to the extent that the waves are even up to the playground equipment. Last November, the beach was over 30 metres high in tide and the topography was excellent.

4 PM
Front of Jazz Hotel
Chest to shoulder high waves, onshore wind
Spring to seagull advised
Surfable thanks to good terrain.

Lady Buddha and sandbank

Jazz – sandbank, north side of My Khe Beach

Jazz – the wave was rideable despite the onshore conditions.

Sandbanks on northern side of My Khe Beach.

5 PM
From the front of Muong Thanh Hotel to Haian Beach

Front of Lion Sea Hotel

From the front of TMS Hotel to Holiday Beach Hotel

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