January 18th, 2017 | Wave Information (Da Nang, Vietnam)

Today’s wave – A fine sunny day

Today’s wave. The wave condition is good here recently. Front of the shrine.

Today’s wave

Today’s wave

Today’s wave

Dogs that just happen to cross the road using the pedestrian crossing

Maybe this dog doesn’t have a name either

My sandals were stolen from the beach, so I got myself new flip flops for 200 JPY. This is the third time my sandals have been stolen. Vietnam has few violent crimes, but petty crimes such as theft and fraud are far more common here than in Japan.

Today’s wave

Da Nang International Airport

A dinner treat

Having hotpot for today

Prepping on the floor is also standard in Vietnam

A whole chicken

Vietnamese hot pots are ready to serve

Spicy, savoury and delicious. The broth of a single chicken is well-done.

Gas cylinders in recycled use

A peek inside the bag. I knew it was full of notes. The word ‘tidy’ is still new in Vietnam.

Neighbourhood bar

Big Wheel – Used ferris wheel from Japan in Asia Park

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