January 21st, 2017 | A Walk in Da Nang, Vietnam


View of the Han River from Bach Dang Street.

Shoppers and sellers are more appealing as the Lunar New Year is approaching.

Market food. Yummy!

Con Market.

Food stalls in the market

A popular choice for Lunar New Year. A souvenir when returning to the countryside from Da Nang respectively.

It is particularly busy today.

Things tend to sell well before Lunar New Year.

Con Market, the largest market in Da Nang. Watch out for pickpockets.

One on the road

This is the best place for money exchange be it in Japanese yen, US dollars and Vietnamese dong in Da Nang. Located slightly north of Chi Lang Stadium, just on the west side road.

Tonight: banh xeo. It’s more popular than pho is in Da Nang.

Banh xeo. Okonomiyaki wrapped in rice skin with vegetables.

Vietnamese spring rolls


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