Da Nang Surfing Information

Da Nang surfing information
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  • Local information written by a surfer who lived in Da Nang
  • Information on all-year round wetsuits in Da Nang
  • Wave information for the year in Da Nang, summarised by month
  • Da Nang’s surf spot information

Da Nang has very few surfers, so you can surf all you want! My Khe Beach is a great place to surf with its golden sands and clean seawater. It’s a great overseas surfing destination for beginners and intermediate surfers who also want to enjoy the city!

Front of Mường Thanh hotel
Mỹ Khê Beach, Đà Nẵng. Front of Haian Hotel.
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Da Nang General Information


The number of residents in Da Nang has exceeded 1.14 million and continues to increase. It enjoys great popularity throughout Vietnam.

A wide view of Đà Nẵng’s Mỹ Khê Beach
Đà Nẵng urban area, 2016

Public safety

Security is good, especially on the beaches and in the city. However, it tends to decrease where there are fewer foreigners.

Đà Nẵng urban area


There is a severe hot dry season from May to September and a cool wet season from November to January. The best time to surf is during the seasonal transition and rainy seasons.

Mỹ Khê Beach in summer. Be aware of swimmers. Photo taken from the front of Mường Thanh.
Calm seas with light winds during the summer season. Mainly small waves and clear seawater in front of TMS Hotel.


You can access and travel to Da Nang by flights. If there are no direct flights to Da Nang, there are also options of taking another flight through other bigger cities. The flight time from Hanoi’s Noi Bai International Airport or Ho Chi Minh’s Tan Son Nhat International Airport to Da Nang International Airport takes approximately 90 minutes.

It costs approximately VND 100,000 for a 10-15 minute GrabCar or taxi ride from Da Nang International Airport to My Khe Beach, which is the eastern surf spot in Da Nang. There is usually no traffic congestion throughout Da Nang. I usually use Grab or other car-dispatch apps to get around instead of relying on taxis for transportation purposes.

In 2016, the initial charges for a taxi ride costs around JPY 35. The taxi industry is under pressure to reform with the advent of dispatch apps.
Taxi cab in front of GrabCar

Money exchange

Currency exchange in Vietnam is best done at jewellers in the city as they often hold the best conversion rates. In Da Nang, the jewellers on the north-west side of Chi Lang Stadium (Sân vận động Chi Lăng) are excellent exchange shops that are frequented by locals. I have exchanged money here dozens of times and the exchange rate is always good, with no problems. For a few tens of thousands of yen, you can exchange money at your accommodation or at a nearby hotel, but the conversion rate is not good.

Excellent money exchange rate jewellery store next to Chi Lăng Stadium. Address: 14 Chi Lăng, Đà Nẵng


Some of the recommended hotels for surfers in Da Nang are luxury resorts such as Pullman, Furama and Hyatt on the beach of My Khe Beach, or ocean-view hotels on the front line of My Khe Beach. For reasonable priced accommodation, there are many options in the An Thuong surf town area, with hotels and flats in the price range of around JPY 1,000 to JPY 3,000 per night. If you plan to surf frequently, stay as close to the beach as possible, between Haian Hotel and around the Furama Resort, so you can easily walk to surf spots with good sandbanks. If location is your priority when staying in Da Nang, the best option is a room with a sea view on the 4th to 6th floors of Haian Hotel, TMS Hotel or Adamo Hotel. Pullman is also a good location.

TMS Hotel, Haian Hotel, Serene Hotel, Mường Thanh Hotel


From a resident’s perspective, we like the Family Indian Restaurant for Indian food, Uraetei for barbecues and grill of other seafood. The animal proteins and fats allow you to surf for long hours power surfing. Vietnamese food is also cheap and tasty due to its authenticity.

Bánh canh (Vietnamese noodle soup dish)
Bánh xèo (Vietnamese pancake)


Mỹ Khê Beach

Take a walk on the dozen kilometres of My Khe beach and let the sea heal you. Feel nature of Son Tra Peninsula in northern Da Nang. Pump up your legs and feet on Marble Mountain in front of Non Nuoc Beach. Walk around the city and contemplate different cultures. These are some of the recommended sightseeing activities.

Sea of clouds on the Sơn Trà Peninsula
Marble Mountain
Bắc Mỹ An Market
The beach is lit up early in the morning, then from sunset until around 11pm.

Monthly Basis – Wetsuit and Water Temperature

MonthWater TemperatureWetsuit Type
Jan21℃ – 25℃3mm fullsuit, seagull
Feb21℃ – 25℃UV protection, 3mm fullsuit, seagull, spring
Mar22℃ – 26℃UV protection, long sleeve springy, spring, top, trunks, bikini
Apr24℃ – 28℃UV protection, spring, top, trunks, bikini
May26℃ – 30℃UV protection, trunks, bikini
Jun28℃ – 31℃UV protection, trunks, bikini
Jul28℃ – 31℃UV protection, trunks, bikini
Aug28℃ – 31℃UV protection, trunks, bikini
Sep27℃ – 31℃UV protection, trunks, bikini
Oct26℃ – 29℃UV protection, spring, top, trunks, bikini
Nov25℃ – 28℃UV protection, spring, top, trunks, bikini
Dec23℃ – 27℃3mm fullsuit, seagull, spring
The wetsuit required depends on the sea water temperature, body shape and preferences of the year.
Wearing spring or seagull is the best during seasonal waves.
Clear seawater in summer. UV rays are intense and the skin burns easily.

Monthly Basis – A Year’s Information on the Wave

Month/YearWave Information
Oct ’16The typhoon swell brought dumper waves at the beginning of the rise and peak of the typhoon swell and better at the beginning of the size drop. The monsoon winds started to blow from the north-east during the wet season. Surfing was good when the wind stopped and the size started to drop.
Nov ’16The sandbanks at the Front surf spot have been set. The weather was good until the middle of the year. There were about 15 days of good waves, chest to head. Late in the season, there were more rainy days. It seems that the rainy season started somewhat late.
Dec ’16It was rainy or cloudy every day. The monsoon was very strong at times and the waves were of sufficient size. Surfing was done in cloudy and light rain, choosing when the wind was light. The water temperature had dropped so low that a seagull or 3mm jersey full suit was required. There were a few days of good private overhead waves.
Jan ’17We had about 10 days of private surfing in good waves. The size remained head size. We had to follow the good terrain as the terrain shifted. Near the Front, the current was strong and the sandbank was not good.
Feb ’17I was able to surf privately in good waves for about 10 days. The size dropped slightly in the second half of the year and was chest to head. To hit good waves, you need to move around the spot, aim for when the wind is light and when the tide is at its optimal condition.
Mar ’17The wave size has settled down a bit and was about waist to head high. The sandbank was good, mainly short rides, and it was surfable for more than 10 days. The weather improved in the second half of the year, and the water quality – which had been poor during the rainy season – has improved. It was great, warm and comfortable.
Apr ’17Returned to Japan. The waves in Da Nang seemed to be good on many days with small waves.
May ’17It was surfable, although mainly in small waves of knee to waist sized waves. Da Nang is too hot in summer. I spent most of my time in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City.
Jun ’17Returned to Japan. Da Nang was said to have been surfable occasionally, mainly in small waves of knee to waist sized waves.
Jul ’17The first half was small waves of knee size. In the second half, there were chest-sized waves with one or two turns twice a week due to the stagnant typhoon. Da Nang is hot in summer, so it is recommended to enter the water from sunrise in the early morning when it is cooler.
Aug ’17In the first half of the year, a weak typhoon swell continued and it was possible to surf a few days. During the last week, there were waves every day due to the typhoon, with a few days of good surf. Surprisingly to me then, Da Nang in the summer had good surfing days.
Sep ’17The first half of the year carried small, knee-high waves. In the middle there were good typhoon waves for four days. After that, small waves continued again. By the end of the month, the summer heat was coming to an end and it felt that autumn in Da Nang was a good season for wave riding.
Oct ’17It was the best month for waves in the past year. Good weather, light winds and currents, wave sizes chest to head, easy conditions to get offshore. The last week was very onshore, changing the look of the sea to that of the rainy season.
Knowing year-round wave information will make it easier to understand seasonal wave conditions.
Front of Haian Hotel
Front of TMS Hotel
Front of Grand Tourane Hotel
Two major sandbank features were determined in autumn 2016. Surf spot: Front.

Surf Spot

The main surf spot is My Khe Beach, about 10 minutes east of Da Nang International Airport. You can surf anywhere around this area. Because it is a beach break, the waves are largely dependent on the sandbank, tide direction, wind direction and strength, and the quality of the swell. It is best to look for the sandbank and decide where to enter. The area from Muong Thanh to the front of The Village can sometimes be crowded with more than 10 surfers, but if you move around, there are fewer surfers and many spots can be surfed by just a few people or by solo surfers. Many surfers still don’t know or follow the rules and etiquettes of surfing. On some days it can become a lawless zone where drop-in is the norm. Nevertheless, you can still surf comfortably if you choose a place with few surfers. In places like Vietnam, where beginner surfers are the majority, you need to leave if you notice someone riding in front of you, and simply move away if you have been dropped in by someone. Da Nang is one of the few places in the world where you can find an open surf spot in a convenient and safe city.

On the left side of this image, the northern side of Mỹ Khê Beach is the main surfing point in  Đà Nẵng. On the right, the southern side of Mỹ Khê Beach is a series of private beaches, leading to Non Nước Beach and China Beach.

The northern half of My Khe Beach is easily accessible from the coast road and the main surf spots are scattered here. The southern half is a private beach, making it difficult to check these surf spots. My Khe Beach is a beach break, but there are generally defined areas where the sandbank is more conducive. Knowing where the sandbank is most likely to be defined in the whole of Da Nang makes it easier to hit the good waves.

Winter, onshore weakening to offshore; in front of Jazz Hotel
Fishing village area

It is advised to be extra cautious while surfing on the northern part of My Khe Beach, especially north of the Jazz Hotel point, where there are pieces of billboards, pipes, metal, concrete and other debris, fishermen’s traps and some hidden rock formations. Further north, towards the fishing villages, the waves decrease in size and provide shelter from the northerly winds. At all points, it is always best to be careful of swimmers and swimming ropes in the summer and the currents during winter.

Surf spots in Da Nang can be divided into 8 main areas
  • Northern side of My Khe Beach, when other waves are bigger
  • Central My Khe Beach – surfing capital
  • Southern side of My Khe Beach, resort area
  • Non Nuoc Beach – resort area
  • Son Tra Peninsula
  • Southern side of Da Nang Bay
  • Northern side of Da Nang Bay
  • Hai Van Pass

Detailed location information is in preparation.

Da Nang surfing information

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Table of Contents