Da Nang Surfing Information

Da Nang surfing information
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  • Seawater temperature and wetsuits chart
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Đà Nẵng’s glassy wave
Typhoon swell in Đà Nẵng

Da Nang is a great surfing destination, with My Khe Beach offering beautiful orange sand and clean ocean water for a perfect day of surfing. Light winds make for great conditions, and the city has plenty of fun to offer after you catch those waves!

Mỹ Khê Beach’s A-frame wave
Typhoon swell in September 2022

My favourite surfing season in Da Nang is September. The current is weak, so you can expect clean, good-shaped small waves, and there is a possibility of typhoon swell. In addition to that, the weather is good with warm water temperature, making wetsuits not necessary.

Mỹ Khê Beach crystal clear summer seawater
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Da Nang’s Surf Spot Map

Surf spots in Da Nang can be divided into eight major areas.
  • North of My Khe Beach – a getaway when other surf spots are having big waves
  • Central My Khe Beach – where most surfers gather
  • South of My Khe Beach – an almost chartered sea situated along the resort area
  • Non Nuoc Beach – the sea is cleaner than My Khe Beach
  • Son Tra Peninsula – lack surf information available
  • Southern part of Da Nang Bay – no surfers seen
  • Northern Da Nang Bay – reef break
  • Hai Van Pass – an unexplored area

The main surf spot in Da Nang is My Khe Beach, which is located 10 minutes east of Da Nang International Airport. With conditions like the topography, tide direction, wind strength, and location playing a role in the waves, it is ideal to check out the terrain on a day with light winds before taking to the ocean.

Đà Nẵng International Airport
Hai Van Pass, Đà Nẵng
Đà Nẵng Bay, northern Đà Nẵng
Son Tra Peninsula, Đà Nẵng
Mỹ Khê Beach in its entirety, eastern part of Đà Nẵng

The 500 meters north and south of the front surf point in the central part of Myke Beach is the point where surfers tend to be most concentrated, sometimes crowded with more than 20 surfers. However, if you shift the location and time, the number of surfers will decrease, and many spots can be surfed by a few people or by private surfers.

The northern half of My Khe Beach is very easily accessible from the coast road and the main surf spots are scattered here. The southern half is a private beach, making it difficult to check these surf spots. My Khe Beach is a beach break, but there is generally a certain area where the topography is more conducive to surf. Knowing where the sandbank is most likely to be formed will make it easier to get good waves throughout Da Nang.

The left side of the image is the north of Mỹ Khê Beach which is the main surf spot in Đà Nẵng, and the beach extends along the coastal road. The right side of the image is the south side of Mỹ Khê Beach, where private beaches continue and connect to Non Nước Beach and China Beach.

Surf spots in the north of My Khe Beach

North of Mỹ Khê Beach Fishing Village Point
North of Mỹ Khê Beach, front of Jazz Hotel, front of Temple Danang
The northern point of Đà Nẵng’s Mỹ Khê Beach where the terrain is fixed.

The northern swell is blocked by the Son Tra Peninsula, and the waves are often at least two sizes smaller than those in central My Khe Beach. So, when the waves in central My Khe Beach are too big, check out the waves in this area. The winds are from the north which tends to create dumper waves. The waves in this area are most likely to be better around high tide when the wind is weaker. It is a difficult area to hit the waves because the good waves do not last very long. Please be aware that the northern section of the area is more likely to have muddy seawater and debris come ashore when it rains. Additionally, note that the northern region of Temple Da Nang Resort is not as secure as the central section of My Khe Beach.

Fishing Village: bottom – mostly sandy beach + occasional loose stones and trash
The location is around the front of a Buddhist temple and a large bus parking area. It is an escape option when the central part of My Khe Beach is having closeout waves. It is best at high tide with light winds and small waves around the waist. Be aware that there may be stones and fishermen’s traps lying on the sandy beach. This is a good spot to cross the north-easterly wind.
Đà Nẵng’s Fishing Village Point
Pomu: bottom – mostly sandy beach + occasional loose stones and rubbish
Located in front of the former Po Mu Hotel site, close to the Dan Oasis Hotel and Hoang Sa Exhibition House, this area features waist-to-chest-high waves when the waves in central My Khe Beach become too large. Around high tide and with light winds, the waves tend to be better. Observing the waves from the road is easy here.
View from the old Pomu Hotel, 2017
Jazz Hotel – Mân Thái Square – Pomu Hotel – Fishing Village Area
Man Thai Square: bottom – mostly sandy beach + occasional loose stones and rubbish
It is situated in front of the vacant esplanade on the south side of Man Thai Beach, at the intersection of Vo Nguyen Giap and Hoang Sa Streets. This area is sometimes good at high tide with fast waves and low winds.
Front of Mân Thái Square
Jazz: bottom – mostly sandy beach + occasional loose stones and rubbish
Located in front of the old Jazz Hotel, in front of Peninsula Hotel Danang, around in front of the big drainage canals. Often surfed when the waves are big in the central part of My Khe Beach, if the terrain is good. Be careful of small rocks and debris in this area.
Front of Jazz Hotel
Temple: bottom – beach
The location is around the front of Temple Resort. Soft, good waves break occasionally around high tide when the wind is light. Riding distance is short. The sandbank in front of the drainage channel in the northern side can help to easily determine the course of the waves.
Front of Temple Đà Nẵng, front of Four Points by Sheraton Đà Nẵng
Front of Temple Đà Nẵng
A La Carte: bottom – beach
The location is around in front of the A La Carte Hotel, in front of the large public square that is also the event venue. This area is roped off due to swimming regulations. Depending on the topography, soft good waves often break at high tide when the wind is light. It is difficult to check the waves from the beach road and there are few surfers who surf here.
Front of A La Carte Hotel
Front of A La Carte Hotel
Front of A La Carte Hotel
Restaurant District: bottom – beach
The surf spot is situated in the area where about eight restaurants, including seafood, are lined up in front of the beach. The further north you go from this area, the lower the wave size becomes. The wave size is about two sizes smaller than the main surf spot. Good waves can be seen to break at high tide when the wind is light. There are not many surfers as it is not possible to check the waves from the beach road.
Restaurant area

Surf spots in central My Khe Beach

From left (from south) Adamo Hotel, Holiday Beach Hotel, Eden Hotel, TMS Hotel, Balcona Hotel, Rosamia Hotel, Haian Hotel, Seline Hotel, Mường Thanh Hotel, Nesta Hotel

This is the centre for Da Nang for surfing, Vietnam metropolis for surfing. It is conveniently located around many amenities such as accommodation, restaurants, and surf spots close by and within walking distance. For local surfers, a particular area from Muong Thanh to The Village area is the most popular spot because it is easy to navigate through.

Small Temple: bottom – beach
It is located off Vo Van Kiet Street, leading from Dragon Bridge to the shore, where a small shrine for worship is located. In winter, My Khe Beach receives a strong north-east swell up to this point. The further north you go, the smaller the waves become.
Restaurant street spot, shrine spot
Front of shrine
Front of shrine
Tourane: bottom – beach
Situated in front of Grand Tourane Hotel, this spot is not often surfed at due to the seldom good terrain being available in this area. There are a few number of surfers surfing in this spot and sometimes it is empty.
Front of Grand Tourane Hotel
Front of Galina Đà Nẵng
Nguyen Van Thoai: bottom – beach
Located off Nguyen Van Thoai Street, where there are restaurant chains and banks, out leading to the seaside. There is a small roundabout and a parking lot. Good waves when the sandbank is right.
Front of Nguyễn Văn Thoại Street
Front of Nguyễn Văn Thoại Street
Front of Nguyễn Văn Thoại Street
Front of Nguyễn Văn Thoại Street
Muong Thanh: bottom – beach
The location is in the area in front of the high-rise Muong Thanh Luxury Hotel. There are several points where the wave breaks depending on the sandbank and wave size. Surfers have been seen frequently since about 2018. When the sandbank is defined, slow regular and goofy shoulder waves appear.
Front of Mường Thanh Hotel
Front of Mường Thanh Hotel
Front of Mường Thanh Hotel
Front of Mường Thanh Hotel
Rosamian: bottom – beach
The location is around in front of the Rosamia Hotel and the Haian Beach Hotel, off Do Ba Street into the sea. When the sandbank is settled, there are good waves; until about 2017, there were not many people surfing here. Recently, it has now become a popular spot due to the increasing number of surfers and the fact that the sandbank condition near the main point is difficult to define.
Front of Haian Hotel and Rosamia Hotel
Front of Rosamia Hotel
Front Left – TMS: bottom – beach
The location is around in front of the Balcona Hotel, TMS Hotel and Eden Hotel. Situated on the left of the main surf spot. One of the most surfed spot in Da Nang, with more goofy waves.
Front Left Spot
Front Left Spot
Front Left Spot
Front: bottom – beach
The location is around Hoang Ke Viem Street to the sea, in front of the Holiday Beach Hotel. When the topography is right, this is a busy surf spot for many surfers. Regular waves are also available.
Main Surf Spot
Main Surf Spot 2016
Main Surf Spot
Front Right – M River: bottom – beach
The location is in front of the Adamo Hotel, near the front of the drainage channel. The sandbank is easy to define, and while goofy waves are common at this point, regular waves can also be found here. Many resident surfers check out the waves from this spot.
Main Left Spot
Main Left Spot
Village: bottom – beach + rocks for seawall in front
Located in front of the former Village site, in front of DanaBeach, off Phan Tu Street and out to sea. This was one of the most popular surf spots in Da Nang. When the terrain is set, the waves are good, both goofy and regular. When the waves are good, it is one of the most crowded places.
Village Spot
Bac My An: bottom – beach
It is located south of the beach house called Bai Tam Sao Bien and north of the Premier Village Resort. There is a narrow path leading to the sea. Further south from here is the resort area. It is not surfed very often, so it is often chartered, and if the terrain is right, you can enjoy surfing in small numbers. This surf spot is prone to currents.
Bắc Mỹ An 
Premier Village

Surf spots in the south of My Khe Beach

South of Mỹ Khê Beach, resort area

The southern part of My Khe Beach is a resort area, where it is possible to surf in small groups or for private sessions. In this area, beach resorts block the coastline and there is limited access to the beach. The map below shows the pathways leading to the surf spots. Incidentally, you can walk along the surf beach even if you are not a resort guest. The sea itself is not under the control of the resorts, so surfing is allowed everywhere. This is an area where you are likely to encounter good waves from February to November.

Pullman: bottom – beach
Located off Ho Xuan Huong Street, out to sea, also in front of Pullman Resort. There are few surfers, but sometimes the sandbank is in a good shape.
Furama: bottom – beach
The location is around the front of the Furama Resort, Furama Villa. It is an open spot as it is hard to check the spot.

Non Nuoc Beach Surf Spot

Non Nước Beach, Marble Mountain

This is a beautiful beach in the southernmost part of Da Nang with few visitors. All the beaches are available for private surfing. Some of the spots are prone to sandbank formation, so it may be a good idea to stay at a resort near there. The area is wiped out when the swell is too strong, so aim for when the swell and winds are weaker.

Non Nuoc: bottom – beach
Located on the coastline south of Da Nang, past Marble Mountain, turn left at the next T-junction and you will come to the sea. The point is marked by a small restaurant called Hoa’s Place. This spot has a car park and water showers around it. This is the main surf spot for Non Nuoc Beach. It is popular with surfers as it is easy to check the waves and the waves are good. However, there are only about five people in the water at most, and sometimes the beach is reserved for private use. In contrary to My Khe Beach, Non Nuoc is a nice, quiet beach.
Non Nước Beach
Non Nước Beach

Surf spot names are mainly referred to by hotel names, street names or local names, but individual surfers call them differently. At any surf spot, be aware of bathers, swimmers, collisions with swimming ropes and buoys, offshore currents in winter, rubbish and seawater cleanliness on days when the water is muddy due to rain, etc. Fishermen are the priority at sea. places like Vietnam, where the majority of surfers are beginners, you can prevent accidents by apologising if you notice someone riding in front of you and simply moving out of the way if you are ridden in front of.

Nevertheless, Da Nang is one of the few places in the world where you can find an unoccupied surf spot in a convenient and safe city.

Da Nang Wave Information by Month

This chart does not take typhoon swell into account. By combining this chart with the typhoon swell forecast, we can make a wave forecast for the whole of Đà Nẵng. The typhoon swell forecast can be inferred from the past typhoon path maps.
Month/YearWave information
Oct ’16The typhoon swell brought dumper waves at the beginning of its rise and peak, and better at the beginning of its descent in size. The northeast monsoon of the rainy season started to blow. The best time to surf was when the wind stopped and the size started to drop.
Nov ’16The sandbanks at the main surf spot have been set. The weather was pleasant for most of the year, with about 15 days of great waves, ranging from chest to head high. As the season progressed, we experienced more rainy days. It appears that the rainy season began slightly later than usual.
Dec ’16It was typically rainy or cloudy weather. The monsoon winds were quite strong at times, and the waves were quite big. Surfing was done in overcast and light rain conditions when the winds were calm. The water temperature was quite low, so I needed to wear a thick wetsuit. There were quite a few days with good overhead waves, which we were able to take advantage of.
Jan ’17We had around 10 days of private surfing in waves of good size. We had to move around as the sandbank has changed. Near the main surfing spot, the current was strong and the conditions were not ideal.
Feb ’17We were able to surf for about 10 days in good waves. The size dropped a little in the latter half of the season and was about chest to head. In order to get good waves, you need to move to the right spot, aim for when the wind is light, and when the tide is at its optimum condition.
Mar ’17The wave size had calmed down a bit and was about waist to head high. The ride was mainly short, but the sandbank was good, and it was surfable for more than 10 days. In the latter half of the year, the weather recovered and the water quality, which had been dirty during the rainy season, improved. The weather was warm and comfortable.
Apr ’17Returned to Japan. The waves in Da Nang seemed to be good on many days with small waves.
May ’17I was able to surf mainly in small waves of knee-waist high. Da Nang is too hot in summer. I spent most of my time in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City.
Jun ’17Returned to Japan. Da Nang was said to have been surfable occasionally, mainly in small waves of knee-waist in height.
Jul ’17The first half was small waves of knees. In the second half, there were chest-sized waves that you could maneuver to make one or two turns twice a week due to the stagnant typhoon. Da Nang is hot in the summer, so it is recommended to enter the sea from sunrise in the early morning when it is cooler.
Aug ’17In the first half of the week, we had weak typhoon swell and had good surf on several days. During the last week, there were waves every day due to the typhoon, and we had good waves on several of those days. Surprisingly, Da Nang had good surfing days in summer.
Sep ’17The first half of the day was small, knee-sized waves. In the middle, good typhoon waves continued for four days. After that, small waves continued again. By the end of the season, the summer heat was about to end, and I felt that autumn in Da Nang was a good season for surfing.
Oct ’17I think this was the best month for waves in the past year. We had good weather, light winds and currents, wave sizes chest to head, and easy conditions to get offshore. The last week had more onshore waves, changing the look of the ocean to a wet season onshore sea.
Knowing the wave information throughout the year makes it easier to understand the wave conditions for each season. In this way, there are days throughout the year when it is possible to surf in small waves, which is about twice a week.
Front of Mường Thanh Hotel
Deciding the best surf season in Da Nang based on wave size.

From late April-September, there is usually knee-waist size waves. The waves are usually slow and good for mid-length and longboards. It is often flat at this time of year, but if there is a swell, the current is weak, the wave shape is good, and the weather is sunny. However, flat days are more likely in June and July.


If you are looking for waist-to-shoulder waves in Da Nang, the best months are February, March, April, or September and October. The surf and weather conditions are more likely to be good during these months. If I were to do a short Da Nang surf trip, I would choose this time of year. I would like to have at least 5 days to surf.


The best time to target head or higher waves in Da Nang is from late October through February. Those who enjoy reef breaks may enjoy chasing typhoons at this time of year. However, it’s important to remember that strong winds and rain, as well as colder temperatures, are common from December to January.

Front of TMS Hotel
Front of Grand Tourane Hotel
Two major sandbank shifts were made in the fall of 2016 – Front surf spot

Seawater temperature and wetsuits chart

Da Nang is in Zone A. Wetsuits are sometimes required from October to April.
Da Nang is in Zone A, and basically no wetsuits are needed from May to October. However, there were days in May and October 2022 when the sea water temperature was low enough to require a wetsuit.
MonthWater temperatureWetsuit Type
Jan21℃ – 25℃3mm fullsuit, seagull
Feb21℃ – 25℃Sun protection, 3mm fullsuit, seagull, spring
Mar22℃ – 26℃Sun protection, long spring, springs, wetsuits top, trunks, bikinis
Apr24℃ – 28℃Sun protection, springs, wetsuits top, trunks, bikinis
May26℃ – 30℃Sun protection, trunks, bikini
Jun28℃ – 31℃Sun protection, trunks, bikini
Jul28℃ – 31℃Sun protection, trunks, bikini
Aug28℃ – 31℃Sun protection, trunks, bikini
Sep27℃ – 31℃Sun protection, trunks, bikini
Oct26℃ – 29℃Sun protection, springs, wetsuits top, trunks, bikinis
Nov25℃ – 28℃Sun protection, springs, wetsuits top, trunks, bikinis
Dec23℃ – 27℃3mm fullsuit, seagull, spring
The wetsuit required will vary depending on the sea water temperature, body type, and preferences for that year.
Powerful waves in the rainy season are easy to maneuver even with a short board.
Waves are best during the spring or seagull wearing season.
Clear seawater in summer. UV rays are intense and may cause sunburn.

Da Nang local information


The population exceeds 1.14 million and continues to increase. Da Nang is a big destination for surfers from all over Vietnam, including Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City. As of 2023, the surfer population in Da Nang is roughly 200 people, with about 50 surfers commonly seen throughout the year.

The entirety of Đà Nẵng’s Mỹ Khê Beach
Đà Nẵng urban area, 2016


Security is good, especially by the beach and in the city. The safety level tends to decrease where there are fewer foreigners around the area. It is advised to be cautious when surfing north of Temple Da Nang Resort.

Đà Nẵng urban area


Mỹ Khê Beach in summer. Be careful of bathers. Front of Mường Thanh.

There is a harsh hot dry season from May to September and a cool wet season from October to February.

Calm seas with light winds during the summer season. Mainly small waves and clear seawater in front of TMS Hotel.

For many surfers, the best time to surf in Da Nang is during the seasonal transition. Also, during the dry season, the waves are mainly small, knee-waist waves, but the current is often weak and very shapely and there are often clean breaking waves.


Travelling to Da Nang by air can sometimes pose a problem as there are no direct international flights to Da Nang. Connecting domestic flights are available from other bigger cities of Vietnam. For example, the flight time from Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh airport to Da Nang International Airport takes an approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes one way.

From Da Nang International Airport, it takes 10-15 minutes by Grab car or taxi to My Khe Beach, the eastern surf point, at a cost of approximately VND100,000. Traffic congestion is moderate in the morning and evening. I usually use Grab to get around. I use taxis lesser than car dispatch apps. However, you can use the green My Linh taxis for car transfers departing from Da Nang Airport. The reason is that the quality of Grab drivers waiting at Da Nang airport is different from those in the city, which includes many bad drivers.

In 2016, the starting price of a taxi ride was around 35 yen. The taxi industry is under pressure to reform with the emergence of dispatch apps.
Taxi car in front of Grab car

Money exchange

Currency exchange in Vietnam is best done at jewellers in the city with the best conversion rates. In Da Nang, the jewellers on the north-west side of Chi Lang Stadium are excellent shops used by locals. I have exchanged money here dozens of times and the exchange rate is always good, with no problems. For a few tens of thousands of yen, you can exchange money at your accommodation or at a nearby hotel, but the conversion rate is not good.

Excellent exchange rate store next to the Chi Lăng Stadium – address: 14 Chi Lăng, Đà Nẵng


Recommended hotels for surfers in Da Nang are luxury resorts such as Pullman, Furama and Hyatt along the lines of My Khe Beach. Another option is to check into an ocean view hotel on the beach or at the front line of My Khe Beach. For reasonable accommodation, there are many options in the An Tuong surf town area, with hotels and flats in the price range of around JPY 1,000 to JPY 3,000 per night. If you plan to surf frequently, stay as close to the sea as possible, between the DLG Hotel and around the Furama Resort, so you can easily walk to surf spots with good sandbank. If location is a priority when staying in Da Nang, the best option is a room with a sea view on the 4th to 6th floor around Haian Hotel, TMS Hotel or Adamo Hotel. Pullman is also a good location.

Eden Hotel, TMS Hotel, Balcona Hotel, Rosamia Hotel, Haian Hotel, Serene Hotel, Mường Thanh Hotel

Restaurant, Shopping, Souvenir

Bánh canh

There are many restaurants in Da Nang offering Vietnamese, Chinese, Indian, Italian, Hong Kong, Turkish, Thai, Singaporean and Japanese cuisine. Vietnamese food is cheap and tasty due to its authenticity. In Da Nang, you should have no trouble eating out, but you should be careful about hygiene.

Bánh xèo
Places with many restaurants near My Khe Beach
  • An Thuong area – Good area for exploring the city and finding restaurants, starting with An Thuong 1 street in front of the beach.
  • Chau Thi Vinh Te street – Line up of restaurants catering to the local market.
  • Le Quang Dao street – International and Vietnamese cuisine restaurants.
  • D. Dinh Nghe street – Street filled with many Korean restaurants.
  • Nguyen Van Thoai street – Street with many major restaurant chains.
Supermarkets and convenience stores near My Khe Beach
  • Full-Market 
  • WinMart+
  • K-Market
  • Hi-Mart
Major supermarkets in Da Nang
  • Mega Market
  • Lotte Mart
  • Vincom Plaza
  • Go! Da Nang


Mỹ Khê Beach

Take a walk on the dozen kilometres of My Khe beach and let the sea heal you. Feel nature on Son Tra Peninsula in northern Da Nang. Pump up your legs and feet on Marble Mountain in front of Non Nuoc Beach. Walk around the city and contemplate different cultures. These are my recommendations for sightseeing.

Sea of clouds on the Sơn Trà Peninsula
Marble Mountain
Bắc Mỹ An Market
Beach lit up early in the morning and at night.
Da Nang surfing information

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