Surf Trip Across Vietnam | Ke Ga 6

Morning of the last day of the Ke Ga surf trip. Wave conditions onshore as usual, different sizes for a week but the same every day.

Ke Ga lighthouse and the beach

I would like to revisit Ke Ga in a different season.

Ke Ga commercial street and Vietnamese locals in the morning

Last day, morning in the commercial street.

Food stalls re-selling selected foods from the market

Select shop from the market. It is crowded today.

Sayama shopping at the Ke Ga's select store

It is common for people to cut the line even when there is a queue on the checkout. This is the Vietnamese way of interaction. Very rarely there are people who queue up.

Vietnamese avocado

Vietnamese avocado. Delicious.

Vietnamese dogs curled up in front of the house sleeping

Ke Ga countryside sceneries.

Vietnamese food, hu tieu

Breakfast on the last day was hu tieu.

Vietnamese dog peeking out from under a stall table

An adult Vietnamese dog appears to go for the meat.

Vietnamese snack, milk bread

Sweet cream fried bread. Delicious.

Vietnamese packing up to carry three Vietnamese-style boats on three-wheelers

Vietnamese locals attempting to carry three boats on three wheeled carts.

Vietnamese coffee and motorbike helmets

The last coffee was doubled.

Honda Super Cub with a worn-out and broken number plate

The bike is probably running somehow on a joined up system.

Hot coffee made in Vietnamese coffee style

Checked out of the Ke Ga inn shortly after. It was in the best location, right in front of the sea.

Ke Ga Beach wave check from the room

Lots of sea breeze in this accommodation. I will come back one day.

Surfboard bags, tripod bag, 8 suitcases and other bags

Leaving Ke Ga to go to Phan Thiet. I need to improve on this overloaded luggage. If I wasn’t a surfer, travelling would have been easier.

Sunglasses, mask, long-sleeved hooded rash guard for sun protection and motorbike riding

The hot and dusty conditions require a motorbike trip in full gear. After the move, I feel like I was down with heatstroke. Traveling by motorbike in this heat is hard.

View of Phan Thiet Beach

Heading towards Phan Thiet with a view of the sea.

Open space in front of Phan Thiet Beach

There are many development works and halted construction sites everywhere.

Refuelling at petrol station in Phan Thiet

Arrived in Phan Thiet. Fill the motorbike with petrol and head into town.

(Surf trip record: Ke Ga, Binh Thuan Province, Vietnam – August 2019)

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