Surf Trip Across Vietnam | Ke Ga 4

Ke Ga Surf Trip 4

Today’s Ke Ga has a strong wave with strong onshore and prevailing currents. However, it was a cool and pleasant morning.

Footprints moulded on the concrete near the sea bank

Human footprints carved into concrete embankments along the coastline.

Vietnamese woman sweeping up dead leaves and rubbish with a wooden broom

A Vietnamese woman cleaning around her house. But the whole village is full of rubbish.

Ke Ga village shopping street is busy in the early morning

The usual commercial street. This street, where few tourists stop by, was often kind to foreigners.

Ke Ga rural village food stall

Stalls selling meat and seafood.

Early morning Ke Ga village commercial street, one basket and an improvised shop

By spreading the shops on the side of the road or on the road, the structure makes it easier to shop by motorbike. On the other hand, safety is compromised.

Popular selected food stalls in Ke Ga's  commercial street

Commercial stalls develop mini market stalls in rural villages where there is no market.

Select shop stalls chosen from the market

This select shop, which has been introduced again and again, has an overwhelming crowd today.

Vietnamese banana fritters

Banana fritters, it was delicious.

Dog under the stall table

Vietnamese dog sneaks under the table in search of food. The target is meat.

Revive sports drink from Pepsi brand

I drink things I don’t normally drink. It is not an option in the countryside where there is no choice. Even the taste of sports drinks is needed to please the taste buds.

Vacant houses in Ke Ga are available for rent

A house close to the sea. Looks like it was originally an accommodation. Could it be depopulation?

Ke Ga village main street where the truck passed

Trucks, buses and other vehicles are dangerous to drive, even in this rural area. It’s a place where big, strong things are strong, so it can’t be helped.

Village of Ke Ga's beach

The morning was somewhat less affected by the onshore wind, but the waves were smaller because of it. Finding good waves in the monsoon is difficult.

Ke Ga Beach at high tide with waves crashing in

Ke Ga Beach at high tide. There was this amount of beach erosion even in small waves. It will be worse when the waves rise and the tide is high.

Ke Ga village viewed from the sky.

Ke Ga at this time of year consisted of waves that are onshore, waist to chest left breaks and offshore, knee to waist high waves without power on the right breaks. Both have strong crosswind currents.

Seafood restaurant chef's personal recommendation for fish dishes

Braised fish dish. A dish that goes well with white rice.

Stir-fried beef with pineapple and tomatoes

Stir-fried beef and vegetables. Pineapple and tomatoes as base flavours are very typical in Vietnamese dishes.

Dragon fruit vendors on display late into the night

Binh Thuan is a dragon fruit production area with farmhouses everywhere. It was worrying that some of the farmhouses were submerged and rotten trees were found scattered around.

Vietnamese food stall run by Vietnamese women

Local food in the countryside is usually in such sanitary conditions. Prices were high here. I won’t go there again. The way to know if you are being ripped off is to compare with the local residents’ accounts. If the prices are different on the same menu, it is a rip-off.

Vietnamese cuisine banh canh

Vietnamese food, banh canh.

Tap Hoa, meaning convenience store. Set in a fishing village that was open at night.

Fishing village on the beach. There were people doing business at night.

A fisherman relaxes while he watches TV in a room-like structure built on the beach

Semi-outdoor huts built on the beach. TVs and hammocks are installed.

(Surf trip record: Ke Ga, Binh Thuan Province, Vietnam – August 2019)

Ke Ga Surf Trip 4

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