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At 6 am, we took a walk along the beach and checking the waves, and headed towards Ke Ga’s main commercial street. Today the waves are onshore again with a strong current.

Three black and white ducks

In rural Vietnam, there are not many houses that do not have animals. Dogs, chickens, ducks, cats and small birds are common. The guard dog culture still exists and some dogs are very active. I have been chased and bitten by guard dogs. After the bite, I was concerned about rabies infection. If I were to be bitten again, next time I would not hesitate to defend myself.

Three-wheeled vehicles to transport blocks of rectangular ice to fishing villages

An icemaker carrying icicles. This ice is shredded in the harbour and loaded for fishing or used to keep fish fresh.

Handmade sponge cake balls

Vietnamese sponge cakes are sold at the select shop on Ke Ga market street. They were dry but it was a good help because there was no food variety.

Banh canh with tender pork

Banh canh with tender meat. The soup is also delicious. There are well-crafted local foods in the countryside.

Vietnamese cuisine, braised beef hu tieu

Vietnamese hu tieu. Thin noodles with a texture and taste similar to instant noodles. This hu tieu was delicious.

Vietnamese women singing with a karaoke set and selling goods on the street

A business concept in which loud karaoke is used to attract attention and get people to buy products like chips. This is not possible in Japan.

A mother and three children eating Vietnamese noodle dishes at a food stall

Many people in Vietnam eat breakfast outside. Morning and evening are the most popular times for local food stalls. This village is usually open only in the morning.

Water and drainage pipes in restaurant corners

A round pipe with a water supply inlet. The design is unnatural, but it is a common sight in Vietnam. Naturally, if you wash your hands, the surrounding area will be flooded.

Ke Ga's main shopping street

Ke Ga’s coastal commercial street, lined with stalls on either side, with a size of about 150 metres in size. It looks like you can get the bare necessities of life, but there is basically no good stuff. Incidentally, quality goods are hard to come by in Vietnam, even in urban areas. There are two reasons: either they are not imported into Vietnam in the first place, or it is hard to know where they are sold.In Vietnam, it is sometimes very difficult to find out where things are sold. This is because the market is not organised in terms of space, and it is hard to search on the web because companies have not taken SEO measures. Moreover, there are numerous fake products in Vietnam, which are very common.

Bring back strong Vietnamese coffee with a lingering bitter taste

Daily strong Vietnamese coffee

Villa accommodation with beautiful lawns and plantings

Garden of the inn. Beautifully maintained by the owner, who is from Ho Chi Minh City. Lovely inn with a small number of guests.

A Japanese man in a raincoat, a Ke Ga village fisherman and fishmonger-buyer

Vietnamese fishermen and buyers bidding for fish on the beach in Ke Ga village, with trades apparently going for around 2,500 JPY per basket.

Fishery workers using a crusher to crush icicles as thick as building columns into usable sizes and transport them to the boat

The icicles are broken up and transported to the small boat. Ice bags occupied much of the area inside the small boat on the outward journey.

Domesticated ducks going for a walk on their own

There are many chickens in this area, as well as ducks.

Three Vietnamese dishes using one whole chicken

Three dishes using a whole chicken. Creative Vietnamese cuisine by a Vietnamese chef. Delicious, with particular attention to seasoning and cooking methods. Pricing is unstable, or rather, arbitrary.

Bringing freshly squeezed orange juice to seafood restaurants

Drinks during recovery include water, fresh-squeezed orange juice, Vietnamese coffee and isotonic drinks.

Japanese paying in a restaurant

In Vietnam, you may be charged the wrong amount. If there is no price display, it is necessary to check in advance. Sometimes you may get the wrong change or you may forget it. In any event, such acts are often deliberate and occur under circumstances where excuses such as “I made a mistake” or “I forgot” are effective and a way out is secured. Unfortunately, the Japanese view of goodness of character does not apply. It is particularly bad in tourist areas. I assume that the structure is such that some people actually curse repeatedly and annoy a lot of other good people.

Large red insect bite marks on arms

I was bitten by an insect again. I am not sure what stung me, if it was an insect, when it bit me, etc., but my legs, arms and torso are itchy. Anti-itch medicine is used quickly. The anti-itch medicine can be bought cheaply in Vietnam and works better than Japanese medicine.

Operating a drone film on Ke Ga Beach, Vietnam

(Surf trip record: Ke Ga, Binh Thuan Province, Vietnam – August 2019)

Ke Ga Surf Trip 3

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