Surf Trip Across Vietnam | Ke Ga 2

Ke Ga Surf Trip 2

Mornings in the countryside of Ke Ga starts early because most restaurants are only open in the morning. 7 AM is too late; you need to be in the shopping street by 6 AM.

Locals cleaning up in the morning

Presumably, the people of this village recognise each other by name and face. They can easily recognise an outsider.

The main street of the village of Ke Ga

Ke Ga shopping street is somewhat busy again today, but only in the morning. The best time to get a bite to eat is from sunrise to about 8 AM.

The shopping street of Ke Ga, Vietnam

The most centralised area of Ke Ga’s commercial street, with the largest number of shops and people. The orange-sheeted shop on the right is a clothes shop in the early morning and an orange juice shop during the day. The shop is owned by the same lady.

A Vietnamese man baking waffles

Mobile shops also come on a daily basis. On this day there were waffles available on the street where there was only Vietnamese food around here.

Selection of stalls selected from the popular Ke Ga village market

There is not even a market in the countryside near the Ke Ga Beach. This is where the shop plays a significant part. It is a selection shop that carefully selects, buys and resells products from different markets. Prices are low. It is unlikely to make much profit.

Banh canh made by Grandma

I ate at almost every stall during my one-week stay. I don’t think any Vietnamese would spend a week here.

 Vietnamese rice cakes

Vietnamese rice cake snack. It has a sweet potato-like substance inside.

Banh canh stall in the village of Ke Ga

Vietnamese cuisine, banh canh Ke Ga style.

Vietnamese children watching a YouTube video catered to Vietnamese children

Countryside child. He eats breakfast alone while watching YouTube videos performed by children of his own age. This is what it’s all about nowadays.

Local dogs in Ke Ga, Vietnam

Local dogs lying on the road. From the dog’s point of view, it is intimidating for them, not only of cars but also those on motorbikes.

Strong Vietnamese coffee to go

Iced coffee every morning because I’m a fan of strong Vietnamese coffee. Less condensed milk.

Ke Ga beach, Binh Thuan Province

Ke Ga Beach waves. With strong current and onshore waist-chest size waves on a daily basis.

Japanese surfer checking the waves at Ke Ga Beach, Binh Thuan Province

The onshore here is somehow pleasant. This monsoon onshore breezes every morning.

Villa accommodation in front of Ke Ga Beach

This property has accommodation and a vegetable garden. The owner seems to be from the city, and I thought he had one of those ideal lives in his hands.

Lots of Vietnamese oranges cut in half and squeezed with a manual juicer

Large serving of fresh-squeezed Vietnamese orange juice for VND 30,000 (150 JPY).

Two plastic cups of orange juice

Orange is one of the tastiest Vietnamese fruits. Other tasty fruits include mangosteen, lychee, passion fruit and dragon fruit.

Vietnamese local shops and young recruit military forces

Young soldiers were often to be seen, as if there was a military training facility in the vicinity.

Yellow and black scooters, Vietnamese people enjoying a game in the background

Local people are engaged in daily games during the day.

Vietnamese stir-fried vegetables and fish in tomato sauce

The Vietnamese chef at this Ke Ga seafood restaurant prepare and serve food from a slightly different angle to the local style. I think he simply likes cooking and is interested in cooking. There is a big difference between having passion for something and not having passion for it. My appetite was saved by someone with passion for cooking.

(Surf trip record: Ke Ga, Binh Thuan Province, Vietnam – August 2019)

Ke Ga Surf Trip 2

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