Leaving Da Nang after three years of living here

I first came to Vietnam in October 2016. I arrived in Da Nang via Hanoi at night. I checked into the Chu hotel closest to the sea and went straight to the beach. “Wow, this is nice.” That was my first impression. At that moment, I had an intuitive feeling that I might stay here for a long time. The orange-colored sand, the simple and unpolished beachfront, Vietnamese people who swim in the sea with clothes on, an Asian resort with many Asians, and the citizens who were clearly younger than the Japanese, all in the midst of economic growth. The city and the sea were both illuminated, and the atmosphere was free of the feeling of insecurity. It was winter, but the temperature was over 20 degrees Celsius, and there was no pollen in the air. And there were fewer surfers, but the quality of the surfers was gentlemanly. I felt that I could easily and conveniently live a surfing life near the sea safely. And before I knew it, I was commuting between Da Nang and Japan for nearly three years.

Later on, I realized that immersing yourself in the country’s way of life and work situation and experiencing the differences in the country’s structure and culture is the essence of “knowing the world.” Knowing one country deeply, other than your own country, is more meaningful than knowing ten countries superficially. To know the world is to compare it with your own country and understand why people and countries are so different. Even in cases where there are clear differences with Japan and the standards are completely opposite, I learned that it is because it is overseas and that it means living abroad. Completely different ways of thinking, completely different languages and methods of communication and accuracy, different living standards and religions, the differences and effectiveness of laws, rules, manners, and the positions of the people who move the country. On Earth, countries and people in vastly different states are mixed together. In the present day, where our relationship with the world cannot be ignored even on an individual level, I wanted to share this feeling with as many people as possible.

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I’m leaving Da Nang.

I stayed in the same place for too long. As a result, the things around me accumulated like fat and I became dull, even in my mind. Despite feeling this way, I was swayed by the comfort of “staying the same” for three years. Finally, I made the decision to move. I am looking forward to a minimalistic lifestyle. Now, I will begin organizing my belongings.

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Table of Contents