Visiting Da Nang University of Foreign Languages

I went to the “New Student Welcome Party for Japanese, Korean, and Thai Language Departments” at Danang University of Foreign Languages to get to know the “future seniors” of tomorrow.

Vietnamese students singing Japanese songs in Japanese. They had wonderful voices.

A theater performance about giving up comfortable lives to study abroad someday. I agree that growth doesn’t happen within our comfort zone.

In the center of the stage, there was a message in Vietnamese about respecting individuality.

Interestingly, the type of students varies depending on the language department they study in, such as Japanese, Korean, Thai, English, and Chinese. Many students studying Japanese seem to be what is commonly referred to as “otaku,” and they appear to be obedient and good students. By the way, here are the types of students I have observed in other language departments I study in:

Korean: trend-conscious, appearance-oriented

English: fashion-conscious, self-esteem, assertive

Chinese: money-oriented, for a better life

Thai: contrarian, “sawadee-kap”

That’s all.

The venue was filled with seemingly excellent students. They have so much energy, it’s amazing. The first impression of their appearance was that there were many simple and small students. I am worried about their nutrition status. And there are university professors, sitting in the front row with different chairs. It’s as if they were judges. No, maybe they are judges. A symbol of Vietnamese culture.

The current students and graduates took turns showcasing their singing, playing music, dancing, and acting skills. It was exciting and enjoyable. I thought the source of the excitement was purely from the energy of youth.

Being at a foreign language university allows you to see other countries and to view your own country from an outsider’s perspective. Using foreign language as a tool to refine objectivity is a wonderful thing.

From a hotel where dogs and cats also live, good night.

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