A visit to Da Nang’s University of Foreign Languages

To get to know the young ‘future leaders’, we went to Da Nang’s University of Foreign Languages to attend the ‘Japan-Korea-Thai Language Faculty New Students Welcome Party’.

Vietnamese students singing Japanese songs in Japanese. They had wonderful voices.

Theatre. Leave your comfortable life behind and study abroad one day. There is no growth in the comfort zone.

In the centre of the stage is a statement in Vietnamese stating that individuality is to be respected.

Interestingly, the type of students varies according to the department they are studying, including Japanese, Korean, Thai, English and Chinese. Many of the children studying Japanese are what is known as ‘geek-types’ and they all seem to be good, honest kids. Incidentally, the types of students I receive in other languages are like this.

Korean language: trends, appearance.

English language: fashion, self-respect, assertiveness.

Chinese language: money, make a living.

Thai language: against the trend, uniqueness.

That’s about it.

There were excellent-looking students in the hall. They have a lot of energy and they were amazing. My impression was that many of the students were simple, thin and petite. I am concerned about their nutritional status. The university teachers were seated in the front row. Only the teacher has a different chair. It’s like a jury. No, a judge. A symbol of Vietnamese culture.

Singing, performance, dance and theatre acts were presented by the current and former university students. The event was lively and enjoyable. I thought the root of the excitement was pure youthful energy.

Only at a foreign language university will they be able to look at their country from the outside, and at their own country from the outside. Using foreign languages as a tool to improve objectivity. Isn’t that wonderful?

Wishing good night from a hotel where the cats and dogs also live at

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