Four surfboard rental shops in Da Nang’s My Khe Beach

Surfboard rental in Da Nang's main surf spot
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Surf spots on your doorstep! Four convenient surfboard rental shops on the beach

This section introduces surfboard rental shops in Da Nang. All of the surfboard rental services introduced here are conveniently located on the beach, right in front of the surf spot.

Surfboard rental shop map in Da Nang's main surf spot
Da Nang main surf spot|Rental surfboard store
Surfboard Rental in Da Nang’s main surf spot

There were no board rental shops on the beach two years ago, but this time there were four within 600m of the front surf point! Furthermore, there are information on several openings and more are expected. The development from 0 houses has made it more convenient for tourist surfers who want to visit Da Nang with nothing to rent. Surfboard rental shops on the beach are all over 8ft (240cm) with many boards for beginners, priced between 500 JPY and 1,250 JPY per hour. All shops have toilets and showers within walking distance. However, there are no locker service to store hand luggage. It is advisable to minimise your luggage, for example by not taking valuables with you and only change of clothes and small cash. Let’s have a look at the beach one by one, starting from the south side of the beach.

Bai Tam So Mot Sao Bien

In a Vietnamese public house on the right (south) side of the front point of My Khe Beach. Not sure what it is called or which is the name of the shop. Located in a beach house used by many Vietnamese residents, with pay per usage showers and toilets.

Due to the location being 300m south off the main spot, there are slightly fewer people during the day. However, during summer, the sea is overflowing with large numbers of Vietnamese bathing in the water in early mornings and evenings. It is located right next to the Village surf spot, so you could use the drinks and showers in the area and hire boards from next door.

Board rental fee is VND 250,000 per hour. There were three boards of which two were made of hard material and had hard fins. There was a leash, but I was not sure if there were any wax on it.

Apocalypse Beach Club

Located on the right side of the front point, next to the gutter river. This is the most surfed spot in Da Nang.

This surfboard rental shop was due to open soon and was currently under progress.

There are about 10 boards in total, including funboards and longboards. Prices are estimated to be around VND 200,000 (1,000 JPY ) per hour.

Surf Shack

Located at the main point, in the brightest part of the city and making it easy for tourists to rent.

You can rent a board and surf the waves right in front of you here too.

Funboards, longboards, SUPs and bodyboards can be rented. The estimated price is VND 200,000 per hour.

Sunny Surf Lesson and Rental

Located to the left of the main surf spot. The terrain here is easy to determine, mainly left breaks, and the spot is frequently surfed at different times of the year.

A recently established surf shop.

Many soft boards are available for rent too. Prices are VND 150,000 VND (750 JPY) per hour for soft boards and VND 250,000 (1,250 JPY) for epoxy boards.

These are the four surfboard rental shops in the Main Surf Spot area.

Surfboard rental in Da Nang's main surf spot

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Table of Contents