Looking back to Da Nang surf season of 2018-2019

The wave condition for the past three days in My Khe Beach, Da Nang has been a no surf condition due to small waves and winds to the north. The month of February had an image of being a top surfing season here in Da Nang, but it was February 2019 when the waves were completely off the charts. When the waves are so small, it is becoming increasingly difficult to determine when it is possible to make recommendations to surf. According to Vietnamese locals, Da Nang is likely to be affected by global warming. This resulted in irregular and different climate patterns in comparison of the last few decades. The downpours, which continued day after day from late November to the end of December 2018, were so heavy that they caused flooding. The waves were not good at all during this period, and the climate dragged until six weeks of no surf condition. This was followed with the acceleration of marine pollution that comes with economic growth. A population of people think that the rainy season in Da Nang is just squalls, with no rain all day. In actuality, it can rain all day and sometimes it lasts for several days.

The following January was not the best month at all, and as early as mid-January the rainy season ended and the dry season began. Were there even any waves during the wet season? It was like this surf season. Then we moved into February, the dry season with no waves. The number of surfers increased, there were no waves, and the storm of drop ins exceeded the danger zone, so I decided to surf at a time when there were not many people and when the waves were not good. I never imagined Da Nang like this. I believe that the biggest factor in bringing My Khe Beach to a dangerous surfing stage is the fact that there are now several surf shops, including hotels and restaurants, which were not there before, and the fact that they rent boards without any appropriate lessons.

As of today, it is mid-March 2019 and still small waves. Finally, the good pattern of shoulder-head size waves is predicted to arrive in the next week or so, which should last about a week, but with onshore conditions forecast, we’ll see. This is how Da Nang has developed recently, in unexpected ways.

Then, in February 2022, after the new corona had restricted human activity, the Earth seems to have returned to its original natural state, and the days of waves at the right time of the year are back.

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