Surfer problems in Da Nang waters

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Rules and manners for surfing in Vietnam

The top surf season in My Khe Beach, Da Nang, is in late February. The sea is packed with surfers today. The sea conditions have been clean and clear until about 10am, although a gentle onshore has been blowing since the morning recently. We have been blessed with good terrain to start with, and although the sets of wave size is around knee to waist, there are some good waves coming in that you can side riding with.

Now, more than 20 surfers gathered at the My Khe Beach main surf spot for the best day of the season. Twenty people gathered at one surf spot. Is it because Da Nang has more surfers, or is it because of the top autumn/spring surf season, or both? The day featured a number of surfers who did not follow the rules and etiquette of surfing, which led to a number of dangerous situations.

Drop in Snaking Paddle obstruction Don’t get in the way

Surfing appears to be a very free sport, but there are strong local rules and manners to ‘ensure safety’. However, there does not seem to be any in Da Nang, Vietnam, yet. The content of these rules and manners varies from region to region, but here we will focus on the rules and manners that are common worldwide and can be applied to what is happening in Da Nang at the moment. Let’s now consider this using images that actually happened on the day – we have over a dozen images, but these are just some of the events that took place over the course of just 90 minutes or so.。

Anyway, this was the state of My Khe beach in Da Nang today. It needs to be improved for safety reasons. Finally, please also refer to the video of the day, as some parts may be difficult to understand from the images alone. It includes my thoughts and commentary.

Da Nang surf session video of the day (with commentary)

Japanese and English subtitles available

Surfing has rules and manners. That is the considered view of many surfers and people who enjoy the sea. Surfing has become an Olympic sport, and more and more sporting aspects will be sought after. I hope so.

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Table of Contents