Surfer Issues in Da Nang’s Sea

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Rules and Etiquette in Vietnam Surfing

Da Nang’s top surf season is in full swing at My Khe Beach in late February. The beach is bustling with numerous surfers today. Recently, there has been a light onshore breeze blowing from the morning, but until around 10 AM, the surface of the sea remains beautifully organized. The beach is blessed with reasonably good formations, and the wave size is around knee to waist-high, with some good waves allowing for lateral rides.

Now, on this day, more than 20 surfers gathered at the main surf point in front of My Khe Beach, marking the highest number of surfers this season. Whether it is due to an increased number of surfers in Da Nang or the peak surf season of autumn and spring, or perhaps a combination of both, it remains to be seen. However, it was observed that many surfers disregarded the rules and etiquette of surfing on this day, leading to numerous dangerous situations.

Drop-in, Snaking, Paddle Interference, Blocking the Path

Surfing may appear to be a highly free-spirited sport, but there are rules and etiquette in place in different regions to ensure safety. However, it seems that Da Nang, Vietnam, does not have such established rules and etiquette yet. While the specifics may vary from one location to another, let’s focus on the internationally recognised rules and etiquette that can be applied to the current situation in Da Nang. Now, let’s analyze the images from this particular day to get a better understanding. Although only a selection of images is presented, they represent only a fraction of what occurred during a period of approximately 90 minutes.

And that’s how it was at Da Nang’s My Khe Beach today. Improvements are necessary for safety. Finally, there may be some parts that are difficult to understand with just images, so please also refer to the footage of this day. It includes my opinions and explanations.

Da Nang: Surf Session Video of the Day (with commentary)

Japanese and English subtitles available.

Surfing also has rules and etiquette. These are the guides that many surfers and ocean enthusiasts have carefully thought about. Furthermore, surfing has become an Olympic sport, and its athletic aspect will be increasingly emphasized. I hope it continues to evolve in that direction.

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Table of Contents