January 13th, 2017 | Wave Information (Da Nang, Vietnam)

Good morning. Here is today’s wave

Today’s wave

Today’s wave

Central Da Nang with Hai Van Pass in the background

Da Nang city

Today’s wave

Today’s wave

Currently the No. 1 view in Da Nang! Hotel rooftop café. A La Carte Hotel.

Da Nang is a thriving development. Vacant lands under construction or to be built on is still noticeable.

The topography of the beach can be checked from the rooftop.

Low tide, fast break.

The best sea view cafe in Da Nang

Dragon Bridge is visible from here

Fast left breaks.

Today’s wave

A condominium under construction whose scaffolding collapsed just recently. Many sites are dangerously exposed with no warning displays for traffic user nearby.

Lines of hotels

Today’s wave and sandbank

Recently its been right break surf spot

Best blue skies in the wet season

Where did that terrain go? Waiting for the sand to come back.

Today’s wave

Holiday Beach Hotel and Avatar Hotel. Recommended accommodation area for surfers.

On the left, the private beach of a luxury hotel follows

Front of My Khe Beach, Main spot

「Nam Dinh」

Since the broadcast of NHK’s ‘The World’s Hardest-to-get-into Izakayas’, middle-aged Japanese have apparently started to visit the shops. However, there are no Japanese around.

Cheap and decent taste seafood hotpot.

All at VND 60,000 per plate (about 300 JPY). The bill turned out to be 500 JPY per person.

The odds of a tasty food served restaurant that has dirty floors are high.

Scraps thrown on the floor

Night view along the beach, lit up every night

Live music and evening tea time

Live music

My Khe Beach in the evening

Tonight’s wave

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