January 12th, 2017 | Wave Information (Da Nang, Vietnam)

Today’s wave, good!

Today’s wave is good.

Hospitals for foreigners, an English-speaking hospital called Family Medical Practice; whether you have a cold or an injury, this is the place to go first. There are more choices in terms of medical care in Da Nang these days!

The costs for treatment can be high. Insurance is essential. For those who are uninsured, there are also choices of cheaper local hospitals. Other hospitals such as Family Hospital, VinMec Hospital and Hoa My Hospital are also available in Da Nang, which offers an increasing number of options. However, it is undeniable that the doctors are not always the best choice.

The usual crowd motorbike. Many of them look like riders.

Popular restaurants are very busy with customers.

Many mobile vendors.

During lunch, the popular restaurant was full. The more foreign-targeted Vietnamese restaurants are, the more expensive and more ordinary tasting the food offered.

My quang, a sort of broth-less pho.

I cracked the LCD of my iPad and went to an Apple retail store called FPT. The staff there referred me to a repair shop, which broke it further and created more problems; apparently it was the first time the technician had repaired an iPad.

There are many internet cafés.

Today’s wave

Today’s wave

People spend their evenings playing on the beach

The winter sea in Da Nang has strong currents

Sunset in Da Nang, Vietnam

Several Japanese also live in these area called An Thuong Street.

It is a full moon tonight.

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