January 8th, 2017 | A night view of Da Nang and cruise on the Han River

Good weather since the morning. The waves in front of Jazz Hotel was good today, with no surfers in the ocean. It looks like we can enjoy surfing in this terrain for a while. Rideable waves will come as long as it is offshore. If the waves are about chest high, regular wave is better. Maybe if the size of the wave gets over the head, the lefts and rights will be okay to ride. The front of My Khe Beach is not good today. It is probably good to wear spring to seagull.

Morning in Da Nang’s My Khe Beach. Thank goodness for sunshine in the rainy season.

Children practising something on My Khe Beach. The presence of a leader among the children was admirable. Beach town under development in the background.

Locals fishing as the waves settle.

Market street with all local residents. Motorbikes are also noticeable here. This local feeling is good.

The adults are all focusing on something. Ahead of them are caged birds. This seems to be a bird market, where they are auctioning birds.

Birds on display in a row.

After this, we were soaked by a squall.
The heavy rain usually subsides within half an hour.

Not the Merlion of Singapore, but that of Da Nang. Dadragon?

When it’s sunny and about 22°C (72°F) like today, Da Nang is pleasant at night. The decorations and lights are symbolic of the Vietnamese, and the atmosphere is always somewhat festive. The famous “Dragon Bridge” in Da Nang is also a bridge that looks just like its name, and it’s amazing that this idea was adopted in Vietnam. In Japan, it would have been a Rainbow Bridge or a bay bridge, something of the likes of it.

The dragon of Da Nang’s famous Dragon Bridge. Every weekend it spews fire and water to attracting spectators.

A view of Dragon Bridge from under the bridge.

Heart-shaped lights. Da Nang has many colourful lights installed throughout the city.

Each bridge is illuminated. Da Nang, the river city.

Boat cruise on the Han River; VND 100,000 per person (about USD 4)

Colour-changing dragon

High-rise buildings with Da Nang office (left) and hotel (right)

The pedestrian paths on the riverside is also lit up for walking and jogging.

Live music of various genres can be heard in bars and cafés in the city all year round. All of them offer live music as a service to attract customers. This is probably due to the fact that the competition of performers and shops is very strong. The strongest competitor is definitely the shop that owns the space.

Bars along the Han River

Live music echoes into the Han River

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