January 11th, 2017 | Wave Information (Da Nang, Vietnam)


Today’s wave

With no rivals, a one-man laundry. 1kg of laundry costs you VND 20,000 (100 JPY). Da Nang still holds plenty of opportunities for business. There are many small opportunities if you know the situation properly with the right timing. However, a business that is easy to copy is hard to sustain; as of 2019, there were plenty of laundry shops.

Today’s wave

Today’s wave

Local dogs on a light walk.

Towards the end of the walk, the dogs were driven off with a stick. Are sticks a necessity for dog education here? I’ve seen people using sticks on their children, so perhaps there is an overlap.

Rideable waves with a little onshore wind alongside a good terrain.

The market near the fishing village

Seafood on a line

The popular Vietnamese conical hat called ‘Non La’ often can be found in the marketplace

The thinnest house in Da Nang

Chicken and duck

Vegetables, fruits and poultry

Vietnamese fruit that tastes good right down to the sweet and sour skin.

A valuable natto in Da Nang

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