January 9th, 2017 | A walk around Da Nang, Vietnam

I’m down with a cold, and the Wi-Fi is also not working.

This scenario is almost impossible to happen in Japan, where there are no stable WiFi connection for several days. The optical cable issue is said to have had a long-term, large-scale impact in Vietnam. It would be a problem if this happened often.

On the other hand, the waves are good enough to ride due to the sandbank in front of Jazz Hotel.

Da Nang’s My Khe Beach, Vietnam

Da Nang’s My Khe Beach, Vietnam

Da Nang’s My Khe Beach, Vietnam

Da Nang’s My Khe Beach, Vietnam

A Vietnamese fishing along the Han River

The condensed milk is accumulated at the bottoom of the Vietnamese coffee. One can adjust the sweetness by how you mix it in your coffee. Quite sweet.

A fully filled Vietnam cafe

It has been almost a year since I have been living my life abroad. There are many things that I realised when I left Japan, and the ‘Japanese culture and Japanese people’ that you used to feel and took for granted are really wonderful when viewed living abroad. Japanese people are confidently receiving good education abroad. Three barriers – food, language and other things – I feel are insurmountable barriers. Others are religion, race, political system, etc.

People build groups with other like-minded people. It is difficult for a foreigner to join and live in the same way. The key is how and to what extent they blend in. It depends on how globalised society becomes, but I think I will live in my home country in my old age.

Japanese food supply store, Akuruhi

Health and beauty tea, 250 JPY. Green tea, 300 JPY. Barley tea, 330 JPY.

Nissin Cup Noodle 400 JPY[

Vinegar, 450 yen. Yuzu vinegar, 650 yen.

A quick stop at Dong Da Market

Daily food necessities being sold in the market

Bonito in Dong Da Market

More shops selling decorations as Lunar New Year celebration approaches

Da Nang City Hall

Sakura Friends Cafe, a Japanese café restaurant, with a Japanese language school attached in the same building

Curry rice, VND 45,000 (230 JPY)

Cold soba, VND 45,000 (260 JPY)

Fong-kun: “I heard that Japan is a beautiful and good country. I would like to work in Japan someday, in the IT sector and visit Tokyo and see Mt. Fuji”

Yang: “I want to study architectural design in Japan and raise a family. I want to provide for myself.”

Today’s wave

A pleasant sky

There’s no one in the ocean today

When it’s sunny, there are a few bathers

Vietnamese-style BBQ tonight, and Vietnamese enjoy barbecue. Tastes slightly spicy. Japan’s meat quality is still a winner.

Rice crackers. A popular item among Vietnamese.

The usual night view

Dragon Bridge illuminating

A space on the riverside. In the morning, it is full of people exercising

I took a taxi on the way back. It was the first driver I encountered in Vietnam that speaks Japanese to me. ‘Drivers in Vietnam are dangerous, so be careful.’ He drove in the opposite direction as he speaks. He also said “Dangerous, dangerous” in Japanese.

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