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This website shares Vietnam waves and Vietnam surf trip records, produced by the Mujin team travelling to Vietnam and by SayamaMove getting into empty, untouched waters with little to no information. The data has been gathered and still ongoing since October 2016. In Vietnam, knowing the right surfing season can lead you to places where there are unsurfed fun wave. There are only few hundreds of surfers in Vietnam, so there are chances of surfing in an empty sea with no other surfers. Please use this website to know the right time and place to enjoy the good waves in Vietnam.

4 recommended articles

Vietnam Surf Trip Information has compiled a comprehensive and easy-to-follow guide with useful information on surfing in Vietnam – from Vietnam’s waves and winds, wetsuit requirements and sea water temperatures. It is packed with information that will give you a complete picture of surfing in Vietnam.

The Vietnam surf city page showcases 6 surf cities in Vietnam complete with extensive local and location information. Whether you are sightseeing, on a surf trip, considering migrating to the country or staying for work for a longer period of time, almost everyone will go to one of these six to surf. In our ranking, we have evaluated and ranked them in 12 categories. You can start by considering where to go from this page.

The Vietnam Wave Forecast page is designed to provide an efficient way to collect information on waves in Vietnam by embedding the essential wave information websites Windy and Surf-forecast into the site. Direct links to all areas that are available through Surf-forecast are provided in order from points in the north to provide a one-stop shop for more detailed wave forecasts. The problem is solved by arranging the points in order from north to north with location information.

Vietnam’s Typhoon Path Map page will guide you through maps that are focused on typhoon movements which likely bring waves in Vietnam, gathered within the span of the past 14 years. You can see the difference between a good typhoon year and a bad one by viewing our yearly graph. To view it sorted by month, we provided a visual map as a means to display where and when typhoon swell is most likely to occur.

About this site

  • Providing articles about Vietnam.
  • Collecting and sharing beneficial surfing information of Vietnam in our site’s available languages offered.
  • The word Mujin from our Vietnam Mujin Surfing means “a sea without surfers“.
  • This site also includes some payment-based content only.

This website provides information of travel record in Vietnam. Accidents, incidents, rip-offs, fraud, theft, interpersonal problems and local problems in Vietnam must be resolved on your own and the site operator bears no responsibility for this. You may be fined or detained by the police or armed forces for entering waters you are not allowed to enter or filming places you are not allowed to film. Individual site users are responsible for their own actions, behaviour and personal protection.

Table of Contents