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In this site, we bring to youVietnam wave and Vietnam surf trip information. Mujin’s team travelled to Vietnam with SayamaMove exploring places with little to no information , entering seas whereno onehas ever surfed. The period in which the information gathered for this site was collected between October 2016 to March 2020. In Vietnam, knowing the right surfing season can bring lead you to places where there are unsurfed fun wave. There are only few hundreds of surfers in Vietnam, so there are chances of surfing in an empty sea with no other surfers. We hope with the information shared with you through this site could help you to know the right time and place to enjoy surfing as much as possible in Vietnam!

Vietnam’s best beaches for surfing ranking page showcases 6 surfing cities in Vietnam complete with extensive local and location information. Whether it is for sightseeing, surf trip, or even if you’re consideringmigrating, the information displayed in the page are well-suited for those who enjoy surfing. In our ranking, we have evaluated and ranked them in 12 categories. You may want to start here and consider where you want to go.

For the Vietnam wave forecast page, we embedded the essential wave information sites Windy and Surf-forecast into the site, so that you can collect wave information efficiently.For more detailed wave forecast, we have included direct links to all areas available in Surf-forecast wave reports, sorted from the most northerly point.The names of places in Vietnam are hard to remember and very difficult to grasp, but we have solved this problem by arranging the points in order from north to south with location information.

Vietnam’s Typhoon Path Map 2020 to 2007 of theSouth China Sea page will guide you through maps that arefocused on typhoon movements which lilkely bring waves in Vietnam, gathered within the span of the past 14 years. You can see the difference between a good typhoon year and a bad one by viewing our yearly graph. To view it sorted by month, we provide a visual map that shows where and when typhoon swell is most likely to occur.

This site also posts articles about Vietnam.

Compiling Vietnam’s surfing information online, this site collects and shares beneficial information and serving them inother languages as well.

The word Mujin from our Vietnam Mujin Surfing means “a sea without surfers“.

Even with all the information gathered on this site, it is impossible to avoid injury or problems during your stay in Vietnam, while travelling or surfing. It is also impossible to completely avoid rip-offs, fraud, theft, interpersonal and community problems. You could be involved in an accident or incident. You may also be fined or detained by the police or military for going into waters you are not allowed to go into, or for filming places you are not allowed to film. While in Vietnam, you are responsible for controlling your activities and behaviour, and for acting to protect yourself.

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